We’re individuals. We know. The story is about growing up in the fashion industry and then breaking the mold. Coming together to break the fashion rules - to make a little something for everyone to add to their wardrobe, to have fun, give, and be inspired.
We’ve flipped the mundane rules of fashion, its waste and formulas – designing a simple way to change your look. A small item that goes a long way to break free of fashion redundancy.
We upcycle. We’re local (and not) because our scarves love to travel.
As an industry veteran who’s been around millions of pounds of fabrics, loads of it used, some of it wasted...The Little Project rescues dead stock before it hits the landfills.
We mix fabrics, we mix threads, we design and make locally in Los Angeles.
We’re artisans. We curate. With limited quantities once we sell out, we recreate and drop again.
Life matters. Living matters more. We slowed down and looked back...then we looked forward. Living for today and thriving in the creative process.
We're inspired by people around us, dogs, cats, nature, and the Los Angeles sun rising everyday. We care about people, our city, the world, and our future world.
We are The Little Project. We are bespoke scarves + more.